Amanda, Hydrology & Hydraulics Manager

Diversity and Inclusion

At Gannett Fleming, we are proud to have a diverse workforce. Our team members offer a valuable range of perspectives, talents, and experiences. We believe our differences make us stronger and able to produce better, more innovative work.

"Gannett Fleming strives to hire, develop, and engage employees with diverse backgrounds, skills, and knowledge. Our collaborative environment and learning culture help all employees reach their full potential.

"This practice results in a diverse workforce, fosters creativity, and provides our clients with a wide range of possibilities for solving problems and meeting market challenges."

William M. Stout, PE
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer


"When I was looking to move to the private sector, there were several firms I considered. The ethics and values of Gannett Fleming are of the highest caliber, and that is why I chose to make it my home."

José Abreu. PE, Senior Vice President