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Employment Fraud

It has come to our attention that various individuals and organizations have contacted people offering false employment opportunities with Gannett Fleming. Such scams are fraudulent and intended to steal from the victims. We are taking this matter extremely seriously and are currently working with the appropriate legal authorities to stop such fraudulent schemes. By making you aware of this, we hope to avoid and ultimately stop victims falling for this scam.

Gannett Fleming employees conduct email communications via email accounts only. You should verify all contact with Gannett Fleming and view any email that doesn’t have a "" address as suspicious.

What is Recruitment Fraud?

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scheme that offers fictitious job opportunities to people. This type of fraud is normally done through online services such as bogus websites, or through unsolicited emails claiming to be from Gannett Fleming. These emails request recipients to provide personal information, sign bogus letters of employment, organize visas and ultimately request payments to submit false applications.

How to Identify Recruitment Fraud

  • The email does not come from an official email address and instead uses an address from a free email service such as: Gmail,,, Yahoo, AOL or a combination of these. 
  • You are asked to interview over an Instant Messenger type program.
  • You are guaranteed a work-from-home position.
  • You are offered a check to process before being interviewed.
  • The perpetrators will often ask recipients to complete bogus recruitment documentation, such as application forms, terms and conditions of employment or visa forms. The Gannett Fleming name and logo is sometimes featured on the documentation without authority.
  • There is an early request for personal information such as address details, date of birth, resume (CV), passport details, etc.
  • Candidates are requested to contact other companies/individuals such as lawyers, bank officials, travel agencies, courier companies, visa/immigration processing agencies, etc.
  • The perpetrators frequently use mobile or landline telephone numbers beginning with 44(0)70 instead of official company numbers.
  • The perpetrators may even offer to pay a large percentage of the fees requested and ask the candidate to pay the remaining amount.
  • There is an insistence on urgency.

Gannett Fleming employment policies and processes involve personal interviews in most cases and candidates who seek employment with us are never required to pay any sum of money in advance. To do so would be contrary to our business conduct guidelines and ethical practices.

What Should I Do?

If you are contacted by someone who you suspect may not be appropriately representing Gannett Fleming or it's affiliates, please follow these directions to report the fraud immediately. Please contact Gannett Fleming via to advise us that you are in receipt of fraudulent communications and in your email include the following three items:

  1. The original email.
  2. Original subject line – please do not change the original subject line of the email you received.
  3. Complete headers – email headers contain a detailed record of the specific route that an email takes through the internet when it is sent to you. 
  4. Forward the same emails to the abuse addresses of the ISPs involved. For example and
  5. If you came across a fraudulent job posting on your campus Job Board or Career Center, have the Career Center remove it immediately and let students know that that particular posting is fraudulent.

These items will help us to investigate and identify the individual(s) that are misrepresenting themselves as Gannett Fleming representatives and take appropriate action

Do Not

  • Respond to unsolicited business propositions and/or offers of employment from people with whom you are unfamiliar.
  • Disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know.
  • Send any money. Gannett Fleming does not ask for money transfers or payments from applicants to secure a job as an employee or as a contractor.
  • Engage in further communication if you believe the communication may be fraudulent.


"When I was looking to move to the private sector, there were several firms I considered. The ethics and values of Gannett Fleming are of the highest caliber, and that is why I chose to make it my home."

José Abreu. PE, Senior Vice President