Amanda, Hydrology & Hydraulics Manager

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Amaze our clients with our responsiveness and innovation and become their trusted advisor, promote a rewarding work environment and provide a fair return on investment.

Our Vision

Gannett Fleming is a driving force in improving our communities and sustaining our world through an uncompromising commitment to growth, innovation, ethics and technical excellence.

Our Values

A Tradition of Excellence in Service to Clients. Expand
Through Continuous Quality Improvement, we will meet our clients' requirements with services that are responsive, innovative, and technically sound. By continually reviewing and improving our work processes, we will do work right the first time.
Employees are Our Most Important Asset. Expand
Quality services to clients require the time, talent, and commitment of our employees. We will provide our employees with a safe, challenging, and rewarding work environment and an atmosphere of trust. We will provide them with the tools and training required to perform their duties. We will appraise their performance regularly and assist them in achieving their full potential. We will promote diversity and the principle of equal employment opportunity.
Teamwork. Expand
We will require collaborative leadership and encourage a collegial working atmosphere in which the opinion of each employee is valued, the needs of the team are placed before the needs of the individual, and the good of the overall firm is placed before the good of any one unit.
Sustainability. Expand
We will take significant and lasting steps to minimize adverse environmental impacts and to conserve natural resources in both our operations and in our projects. We will strive to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.
Professional and Community Involvement. Expand
We will promote service to our professions and the communities in which we live. Such service provides benefits to society, the firm and the individual.
Ethical Business Practices. Expand
Honesty and integrity are hallmarks of the manner in which we conduct business. We will only provide services that we are qualified to provide. We will provide these services in return for fair compensation. We will be alert to the potential for and avoid conflicts of interest. We will exercise care and judgment in handling confidential business information.
Financial Stability. Expand
We will manage our business in a manner that insures the long-term financial growth and profitability of the firm. This approach will allow us to serve our clients more effectively and improve the stability of our workforce.


"When I was looking to move to the private sector, there were several firms I considered. The ethics and values of Gannett Fleming are of the highest caliber, and that is why I chose to make it my home."

José Abreu. PE, Senior Vice President